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The RECYCLICC recycling line transforms common waste (wood, paper, cardboard) into combustible briquettes.

It includes three independent basic systems: a twin-rotor crusher (DECHIQUETICC), an inclined conveyor, a briquette press (BRIQUETICC). This assembly uses the usual industrial energies: electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic. The baseline and its options allow the implementation of many maintenance activities.

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Industrial birotor crusher with rotary shears


The DECHIQUETICC industrial crusher is intended for the destruction and / or volume reduction of a wide variety of materials, mainly from waste and residues of production. Together with other systems in the range, it participates in the recycling concept of the RECYCLICC line.

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Convoyeur Recyclicc


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Briquette packaging and weighing station


EMBALICC is a cartoner or bagger for briquettes associated with a weighing station.

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Industrial production system of briquettes by hydraulic compaction


BRIQUETICC is a stand-alone automated system which implements an industrial compactor associated with its own material feeding system.

This system produces briquettes from compaction which, depending on their composition, can be used as fuel in suitable boilers and stoves.

This automated system can be combined with other systems to form the recycling line RECYCLICC.